US Open / Training Camp Update

The USACO 2020 US Open contest recently ended. Results are being tabulated and will be posted soon. The US Open serves as our national championship contest, and is typically given high weight when selecting finalists to invite to our summer training camp.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be holding our training camp this May "virtually", with online rather than in-person participation. It was recently announced that the 2020 IOI will not be held in July as originally planned; the IOI organizers are currently looking into alternative options.

Our Mission

The USACO supports computing education in the USA and worldwide by identifying, motivating, and training high-school computing students at all levels. We provide:
  • Hundreds of hours of free on-line training resources that students can use to improve their programming and computational problem-solving skills.
  • On-line programming contests (roughly six per year) for students at all levels.
  • An intensive summer training camp, to which the top students in the USA are invited to further improve their skills and learn advanced material.
  • The opportunity for the top four students in the USA to represent their country at the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI), the most prestigious international algorithmic programming competition at the high-school level.

First Place at IOI 2019!

Congratulations to the USA team attending the 2019 IOI in Baku, Azerbaijan. From left to right: Eric Zhang (gold), Benjamin Qi (gold, 1st place individual winner), Daniel Zhang (gold), and and William Lin (silver).

Finalists for 2018-2019 Season Announced

The USACO is pleased to announce its finalists for the 2018-2019 season.

First Place at IOI 2018!

Congratulations to the USA IOI team for a superb showing at the 2018 International Olympiad in Informatics in Tsukuba, Japan! From left to right: Spencer Compton (gold), Eric Zhang (gold), Benjamin Qi (gold, 1st place individual winner), and William Hu (bronze).

Training Pages Now Support Python

For those who prefer coding in Python, our training pages now support submission of programs written in Python 2.7 or Python 3.6.

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2019-2020 Schedule

Dec 13-16: First Contest
Jan 17-20: Second Contest
Feb 21-24: Third Contest
Mar 27-30: US Open
May 21-30: Training Camp
(Postponed): IOI 2020 in Singapore

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