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Notes on Challenges Of the Week:

  • We do grade submitted solutions on a P6/233.
  • Time limit: always five seconds unless otherwise stated. This is usually a complicating factor.
  • We use: Turbo Pascal 7.0 and Borland C/C++ 3.1, cuz they are the international standard. I am a member of a committee to fix this.
  • This means that the code runs a bit slower.
  • This means that `int' means 16 bits.
  • The `bool' data type might not be supported.
  • The maximum data size of your program is less than 640K, with no data structure larger than 64K.
  • Solutions for CoWs are due at 6:00 pm each Sunday, Mountain Time in the USA.
  • Please submit your solutions in ASCII, not using `enclosures'. [That means they they should look just like this mail to you.]
  • Please submit solutions in an e-mail with no other text. I just have to edit it all away otherwise.
  • Feel free to send questions and comments in other e-mail. I answer all mail I receive. Mail sometimes bounces later; nothing I can do about that!
  • Send mail to me to unsubscribe. Be sure you know the address you want unsubscribed.
  • Problems will increase in difficulty through the year.
  • Russ Cox, IOI gold medal winner and USACO alumnus, grades these problems for us. Thanks, Russ!