High school students from around the world are invited to participate in the 1999 USA National Championship. This is a timed and proctored competition that must be held on April 14, 1999.

Local Coordinator
Students in the United States participate through a local coordinator at their school. A local coordinator is an adult who typically teaches mathematics or computer science in high school. It is a simple process to become a local coordinator. Simply fill out the local coordinator form found under Forms and submit it via email to the contest director. Of  course it could be printed out and sent via regular mail. However, it is best to have a coordinator who has an email address and regularly reads their email. A local coordinator will automatically be put on the hs-computing list which it used to distribute information about the USACO. Click on Instructions and read the responsibilities of the local coordinator.

To participate in the National Championship, a student must have his/her name submitted by their local coordinator. Click on Forms

We need to receive the coordinator form and the list of participating students by March 29, 1999.  

International Division
The International Division is provided via the Internet and will be sent out on the hs-computing list one day later on April 15, 1999. The International Division does not require a local coordinator and is conducted under the rules of the Internet competitions.

Contest Director
Dr. Don Piele
University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Kenosha, WI  53141

1999 National Championship
April 14

To: Local Coordinator
From: Don Piele, USACO
Subj: 1999 National Championship

Enclosed please find the following:

1.        Local Coordinator sheet with the names of the participating students.

2 .   Instructions and rules together in one set

3.        Sealed package of contest problems and student form, one for each student and one for you.

4.        Feedback Form

I have enclosed one copy of the Instructions for each student and for you up to a maximum of 10 copies.

Please distribute these copies immediately to the students so they have plenty of time to read them very carefully and understand them fully. Those who don't know the rules will make the mistakes that will disqualify them.

Conduct the contest as described in the instructions on April 14, unless other arrangements have been made with me.

Immediately after the contests is over, mail the results to me according to the last page of the instructions and repeated here. Mail to me so it arrives by April 25, 1999.

What to Mail:

  •   The Master Disk with the coordinator name, school, city and state on the outside label. Make one folder for each student and label it with his/her last name. Place the source code in the folder. Place all the folders on the one Master Disk.

  • One Student Form for each participant.

  • The Feedback Form.

  • Local Coordinator sheet with names of registered students. This is the one we sent you with the original packet. You may add or delete names if it is incorrect.

Mail to:

Dr. Don Piele


University of Wisconsin-Parkside

900 Wood Rd.

Kenosha, WI  53141

Thank you and good luck!