The USACO Olympiad Training Camp and USACO Finals, will be held at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside in Kenosha, Wisconsin, June 20- June 28.  Fourteen students well be invited by the USACO committee.  At the end of the camp, four students will be selected to represent the USA at the 12th IOI, September 23-30, in  Beijing, China. The team will also participate in the Central European Olympiad, August 24-31, in Romania.

Criteria for Seletion

We used all Internet contest results and the results on the National Championship as evaluation criteria for choosing attendees at the USACO training camp. This means that candidates who show long-term strength (and/or growth) are more likely to be chosen for camp than those who have one lucky contest. We also do not take seniors who rank in the bottom half of the top fifteen.

A student must participate in the National Championship to be eligible to be chosen for the training camp. We have noticed that almost all of those who made it to the top fourteen have participated in our three Internet competitions.