High school students from around the world are invited to participate in the 2001 U S Open. This is a timed and proctored competition that will be held on Wednesday  April 4, 2001 for  USA students and  April 5 - 12, for International students.

If you are a US participant in the U S Open, you will be eligible to be selected as one of fifteen finalists. All finalists will receive an all expense paid trip to the University of Wisconsin-Parkside to take part in the summer training program, June 9-17. From this program, four students will be selected to represent the United States in the International Olympiad in Finland (see IOI). All expenses are paid by our sponsor USENIX.

New web submissions

This contest differs from the other three contests held through the
year in a couple ways:

  • Proctors will supervise USA contestants
  • Contest solutions are submitted via the web -- with instant
    feedback -- instead of via email.


The U S Open differs from the other three contests held through the yearin that USA students (and others who make arrangements) will be supervised by a proctor for the five hour contest. The proctor will ensure that the contest is conducted during a single five-hour period and that no assistance is rendered to the contestants.

Not only teachers but also any responsible adult can serve as a proctor. The proctor will be required to be somewhat nearby for the duration of the contestant's participation. The contest can be conducted at any location that contains a computer and has access to the web. Full instructions will be sent to proctors the day before the contest.

If not already registered (I've sent e-mail to all those who are registered), proctors must register at the following address:

Click the "register here" link if you're not already registered. To register as a "proctor", enter the word "proctor" in the 'Nickname/handle' field when registering (or change the Nickname/handle' field in your existing record). Remember your userid and share it with the proctored contestants. The contestants will be required to cite the proctor's user id in their submissions.

The contest will be e-mailed to all registered proctors on Tuesday, April 3 so that they can distribute it to contestants on Wednesday.


A new website for contest submissions will be announced via this list
and to the proctors shortly before the contest.

If you can't access the web for program submission, please let me know

Contestants: Be sure to identify a proctor and make sure they register
in time to receive the contest!

Contest Director

Rob Kolstad