The USACO's flagship tournament, THE U S OPEN, will be held on two sets of

         * FOR USA STUDENTS: All entries will be proctored on Thursday,
           April 11 at a time of your choice.

         * FOR non-USA STUDENTS: The tournament will open not too late on
           Friday, April 12 and run through Monday, April 15.

This is a FIVE HOUR tournament.  USA entries will require a proctor.


Each USA student who enters the U S Open on Thursday, April 11, will
require a proctor -- an adult who will vouch that all rules were followed
during the five hours of the contest.  This adult might be: a teacher, a
parent, an older sibling, a neighbor, a librarian, or anyone else who can
convince me that they are trustworthy.

should have the Nickname "proctor".  They should also send email to me at with 35 words (or so) about themselves.  I will then
validate their "proctor" status in the database.  I will, potentially randomly,
ask some proctors to phone me toll-free for a 60 second voice conversation.

STUDENTS should make sure their proctor has registered.  Students will not
be able to start the contest without a valid proctor as I am going to send
the proctors a special "proctor validation" word that each student must
submit in order to begin the contest.  Registration on the day of the
contest will be harried and difficult -- please do not wait until Thursday
to acquire a proctor or you might miss out altogether.


I am anticipating that this will be the biggest contest ever.  The coaches
are working hard on the problems (two divisions!) and look forward to this
event to crown the U S Open programming champion in addition to providing
final input for choosing attendees at this year's USACO Training Camp in

Contest Director

Rob Kolstad