The upcoming USACO contest is the JANUARY 2004 contest which runs from Friday .through Monday (16 Jan through 19 Jan).
In what is starting to become a pattern, this is a FOUR HOUR CONTEST -- all four .hours at one sitting. Two divisions, "individual competitors, no teamwork. .

As always, the contest will be hosted at . '

Sign in there any time Friday through '. Monday to see and solve the problems.

**** NEW AND NOTES ****

--> We're considering adding a third division to the contests for those
--> who are just starting to compete. This division would have problems
--> suitable for talented first-year students. If you have comments on
--> this, please send me a note. I'm particularly interested in teacher
--> participation for problem creation. Write soon so we can be ready
--> for the February contest.

We're always happy to have new translators (who are generally college students or older). Let me know if you'd like to translate the problems (and into what language!).

Java has been added to the list of programming languages. See the rules for details.