USA Open

The USACO's flagship tournament, THE U S OPEN, will be held on two
sets of dates:

     * FOR USA STUDENTS: All entries will be proctored on Thursday,
       April 27. Note that some USA students live in foreign countries
       and attend 'American Schools' and the like.  Any USA citizen
       or current resident who wishes to be considered for the USA
       Invitational Computing Olympiad where the international
       traveling team should take contest on April 27. Can't do it
       on April 27?  Email with your request to
       participate earlier.

     * FOR non-USA STUDENTS and those USA students who do not wish
       to attend the USAICO: The tournament will open on Friday,
       April 28 and run through Monday, May 1.

The U S Open is FOUR HOUR tournament with four divisions:
        * A very challenging invitation-only GOLD DIVISION
        * A challenging invitation-only SILVER DIVISION
        * An easier BRONZE DIVISION to everyone

The U S Open LEVEL 1 competition is a 55 minute contest especially
designed for beginning programmers.

Any time on the appointed date(s), students can visit the contest
web page: , and, as soon as they
read the problems, begin the four-hour clock for the contest.

Proctored students can participate in the contest from home, office,
school, playground, internet cafe, etc.  The rules are simple:  no
assistance, no helping, no books, no collaboration, no web sites,
no previously written code; nothing except your system's online
language help facility and your brain.

                   ***** USA STUDENTS ONLY *****

Each USA student who enters the U S Open on April 27 will require
a proctor -- an adult who will vouch that all rules were followed
during the four hours of the contest.  This adult might be: a
teacher, a parent, an adult sibling, a neighbor, a librarian, or
anyone else who can convince me that they are trustworthy.

ALL PROCTORS MUST REGISTER (or already be registered) at .  They should give themselves the
Nickname "proctor".  New proctors should send email to me at with 35 words (or so) about themselves if
they have not already done so. I will then validate their "proctor"
status in the database. I will, potentially randomly, ask some
proctors to telephone me toll-free for a brief voice conversation.
Proctors will receive a special password late Tuesday, April 25.

USA STUDENTS should make sure their proctor has registered. Students
will not be able to start the contest on April 27 without a valid
proctor. Registration on the day of the contest will be harried and
difficult -- please do not wait until the contest week to acquire
a proctor or you might miss out altogether.

                   ***** NON-USA STUDENTS *****

No proctoring is required.

Problem and comments to me, please.

                                        Your USACO coach,

        ((__))       Rob Kolstad                      USACO Head Coach
         (00)   15235 Roller Coaster Road 
   -nn--(o__o)--nn-  +1 719 481 6542        Colorado Springs, CO 80921
         ----         FAX: +1 719 481 6551

I am anticipating that this will be the biggest contest ever.  The coaches
are working hard on the problems (two divisions!) and look forward to this
event to crown the U S Open programming champion in addition to providing
final input for choosing attendees at this year's USACO Training Camp in

Contest Director

Rob Kolstad