USACO NEWS -- 20 April 2009

                      TABLE OF CONTENTS

* 2009 USACO U S Open Competition
* Unified Contest Schedule

-- 2009 USACO U S Open ----------------------------------

The season's last big contest starts:
    * Thursday, April 23 for USA students
    * Friday, April 24 for everyone.

Login at

The U S Open differs from our previous competitions this year in a
few ways:

   * Four hours (still 3-4 tasks)
   * No in-contest promotion
   * No references other than your language reference manual (no
     web algorithm help, no algorithms books, no humans, etc.)
   * Unlike previous years, *NO PROCTORING*

    * USA students are requested but not required to participate
      on Thursday
    * All students are welcome Friday through Monday

The contest is open to all competitors (pre-university, university,
or post-university).

Read the rules at the contest site if you've never read them.

Preliminary results should be available Tuesday; final results will
probably be available on Thursday at

First-timers should consider doing the 'test' program from the USACO
training pages at (to reinforce I/O skills)
before trying the real contest (really -- this is not an idle

This is the last of six contests this year that count towards the
USACO season champion and invitations to the USA Invitational
Computing Olympiad.

-- Unified Contest Schedule ------------------------------------------

                          **** 2009 ****
..Date..  GMT  .. Event ..
  23 Apr      USACO US Open for USA [4h]
24-27 Apr      USACO US Open for International [4h]
27Ma-4Jun      USACO USA Invitational Computing Olympiad [9d] (by invitation)
 8-14 Aug      IOI, Plovdiv, Bulgaria [7d] (by invitation)