Oct. 23-26, 2009 :

Our first contest will be the three-hour USACO Qualification and
Practice Contest. Those who wish to move up from their current
silver or bronze competition level definitely might wish to take
this exam. Anyone who wishes to expand their horizons (with no
penalties) or just have fun is welcome to participate. Scores will
be reported only to the contestant; no overall rankings will be

The Qualification contest's scores will be used only for qualifying
-- they will not be used for determination of national champions,
invitations to travel camps, etc.

The contest is of slightly unusual format since it must cover
multiple levels of competitors. Half a dozen problems, each with a
fixed point value, will be offered for solution within three hours.
Choose to solve any or all of them.  The sum of the three best
task-scores will determine your qualification placement.

The tasks and scoring are anticipated to facilitate placement of
competitors at the proper level. By no means will all competitors
solve all problems.

It is also possible (after subsequent contests) to be invited to
move up or down a division if it is clear that the contestant is
at a different level