Registration & Training

High School and Junior HS Students

The USACO provides training materials for students interested in practicing on problems used in former competitions. We have problems on many levels. Give them a try. Your programs will be automatically graded and checked off as you correctly solve each problem.

To be allowed to use the training pages and enter our contests you must first register at:

A student in the United State who wants to compete for a place on the USA Team must participate in the U S Open. It is also highly advisable to participate in the as many Internet competitions as possible. We pick our finalists from the results of the US Open and the Internet competitions.

Once you have registered, you may use the training pages at:
U S Open
Students in the United States participate in the U S Open (National Championship) through a local coordinator at their school. A local coordinator is an adult who typically teaches mathematics or computer science in high school. A local coordinator is responsible for arranging for a site and proctoring  the five hour event in April of the competition year.

An adult may register as a local coordinator and get on our mailing list by emailing the following information to the contest director.

Rob Kolstad at