Brian Dean


Howdy all,

I'm Brian Dean, yet another coach for the USACO.  As a student I attended the 1994 training camp (apparently the first one involvingcows...) and the 1994 IOI in Sweden, and I've been coaching since 1997.  I'm originally from Charlotte, NC, and although I've been at MIT for the last 10 years, according to my wife I still pick up a southern accent whenever I travel down south.

 Like Russ, I'm currently a graduate student at MIT.  For my research I study algorithms and combinatorial optimization, with a particular emphasis on graph algorithms, scheduling, and approximation algorithms for NP-hard problems.  I've spent a few summers working in research settings in industry, including at Microsoft, Altavista Internet Search, and Akamai Technologies.  I'm always happy to chat about fun algorithmic research problems with anyone who's interested.

On the non-academic side of things, I enjoy ultimate frisbee, disc golf, waterskiing, music composition and playing piano, and cooking.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at camp,

- Brian