First Timers



Welcome to the USA Computing Olympiad (USACO) website! The USACO's
main goal is the promotion of computing for pre-college students.


The USACO is currently evolving to support multiple levels of skills.
The traditional GOLD, SILVER, and BRONZE competition divisions
complement the  training pages
to provide exciting, challenging monthly 3-5 hour competitions for
programmers who can already write programs.

Those programmers who are just learning might prefer to compete in
the new "Level One" competitions that are held a bit more frequently
(every three weeks or so) but are shorter (less than one hour) and
aimed at first-year students.


USA Competitors win handsome awards commemorating their victories
in the various contests. Sustained high finishers (from any country)
in the GOLD competition can earn a berth at the week-long expenses-paid
USA Invitational Computing Olympiad. The four best USA finishers there win a trip to represent
the USA in the International Olympiad (held in Zagreb, Croatia, in August, 2007).

Level One training pages are in development and not ready for release.

Practice Contests

Demonstration contests for all levels will be available shortly.

USACO Policies

The USACO does not charge entry fees for its competitions or training.
Our sponsors (USENIX, IBM and ITA Software) currently
fund all programs. Member information is kept private and shared
only within our staff and our sponsors.