The USA Computing Olympiad (USACO) is the premier pre-college computing
organization in the USA.  Its goals include:

  •      Providing pre-college students with opportunities to sharpen their
         computer programming skills
  •      Enhancing the quality of pre-college computer education by providing
         both students and teachers with challenging problems, training materials, and
         competitions that emphasize algorithm development and problem-solving skills.
  •      Providing pre-college students with opportunities to sharpen their
         computer programming skills
  •      Recognizing excellent students with outstanding skills in computer science
         and encouraging them to pursue further opportunities in the profession.
  •     Providing educational, motivational, and competitive materials in the
         form of programming competitions and web-based training materials.


The USACO has half a dozen coaches and another dozen assistant
coaches. It serves over 20,000 registered users in over 90 countries.

The USACO holds six Internet Contests during the academic
year, and in the late Spring conducts the US Open, a proctored
exam. Based on the results of these contests, over 15 USA students
and a handful of the best international students are invited (expenses
paid) to the USA Invitational Computing Olympiad for a week of
fierce competition, activities, and fellowship. The USAICO results
are used to determine the four members of the USA Team who represent
the USA at the  International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI), held
annually at exotic locations around the world.

Are you a high school or junior high school student interested in
competing in the USA Computing Olympiad?  It's easy to get involved;
you only need to do these two things:

  1.  Register for the training pages and start
    working through the material to hone your competition computing
    skills. You'll automatically join a low-traffic mailing list (ten
    short messages per year) that will remind you of contest dates.
  2. Compete in the contests to work
    your way into the elite programmers invited to international level

Contests are open for competition during schedule times (below) and open for "analysis" directly afterward.

This year's contests will feature three divisions.  Experienced programmers (Gold, Silver, and Bronze divisions) can compete in
monthly competitions:

Contest lengths are not shown because we choose the length based
on the problems the contest contains.  Except for the US Open, held on a single day for USA contestants, contests
run from Friday morning until Tuesday morning, USA Mountain Time:

* 23-26 Oct, 2009 -- USACO Qualification Contest
            ** OPTIONAL **
  *  6- 9 Nov, 2009 -- USACO November Contest
  *  4- 7 Dec, 2009 -- USACO December Contest
  *  8-11 Jan, 2010 -- USACO January Contest
  *  5- 8 Feb, 2010 -- USACO February Contest
  * 12-15 Mar, 2010 -- USACO March Contest
  * 22    Apr, 2010 -- US Open for USA  (no proctoring in 2010)
  * 23-26 Apr, 2010 -- US Open for International
  * Early Jun, 2010 -- USA Invitational Computing Olympiad   
                              (~9 days, by invitation), Clemson, SC
  * 14-21 Aug, 2010 -- IOI, Waterloo, Canada (by invitation)

The Silver and Gold divisions are "invitation only".  Earn an
invitation by mastering the tasks in any Bronze competition.

Newer programmers will wish to compete in a separate division with
much shorter contests held during the week. Look for announcements
about that division soon.